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People Operations Leader
1000 - 2499 Employees
"Botable has made it easy for our employees to get answers to their questions! From an HR perspective, we’ve seen a decrease in the number of emails and tickets because employees are asking Botable first. The Botable team is easy to work with and go above and beyond to ensure our company's chatbot is working as expected!"
Director of Quality
100 - 249 Employees
"Finally, the workday is mine! I can log on to Slack or walk into the office and not feel like I'm about to get bombarded with questions. That's Botable's job now."
Chief Compliance Officer
1000 - 2499 Employees
"I've been in corporate compliance my entire career. Before Botable our KPIs were based on the number of trainings, security incidents, and breaches. With Botable, we can gain immediate and actionable insights from our employee's interactions with the bots."
Senior Director of IT Operations
1000 - 2499 employees
"Botable's integration with ServiceNow is seamless and our employees can easily create ServiceNow tickets right in the bot."
Senior Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and Quality
100 - 249 employees
"We’re in a regulated industry so regulatory compliance is super important and we need to make sure people are always following the procedures. Botable makes it easy for them to do that."
Associate General Counsel
1000 - 2499 employees
"Botable is able to search across all of our document repositories to find exactly what I'm looking for."