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Botables are intelligent bots that learn your corporate docs then answer your co-worker's questions, so everyone can get work done.


Thousands of employees at industry-leading private and public companies use Botable on

Thousands of employees at industry-leading private and public companies use Botable

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For all kinds of corporate documents

No matter the type or format, Botable can learn the documents then answer your co-worker's questions.

Policies are the lifeblood of your company. They help define the culture, values, and guide employee behavior. However, too many policies can lead to "policy fatigue," where your co-workers become overwhelmed by the sheer number of rules and regulations. Botable addresses this issue by learning your company's policies and then answering your co-workers' questions about them. By providing quick and easy access to policy information, Botable can help reduce policy fatigue and improve your company's overall compliance posture.
Workplace procedures are important for ensuring that tasks are completed in a consistent and efficient manner. However, when your co-workers are unable to find the procedures they need, it can lead to frustration and wasted time. Botable helps to solve this problem by learning your procedures and then providing step-by-step guidance to your co-workers as they carry out those procedures. This makes it easy for your co-workers to find and follow the procedures they need, ensuring that work is carried out effectively and efficiently.
Botable is especially useful for companies with lengthy handbooks, or for your co-workers who are not familiar with the handbooks. By learning all of the contents of the handbooks, Botable makes it easier for employees to find the information they need while reducing the amount of time that the human resources department spends answering questions.
Finding and completing company forms has never been easier. After learning your forms, Botable can proactively remind your co-workers to complete their forms, such as the annual Conflict of Interest Form, and also guide them through form completion. This makes it easy for your co-workers to stay on top of their form obligations and ensures that all forms are completed correctly and in a timely manner.
Decision Trees
After learning a decision tree, Botable converts the decision tree into a back and forth conversation between your co-workers and the bot. Botable can help your co-workers navigate very simple to very complex workflows by walking users through each step of the decision tree, ensuring that all options are considered and that the final decision is made in a timely and efficient manner. With Botable, you can be confident that your decision trees will be followed consistently and efficiently, saving everyone time and energy along the way.
Instruction Manuals, Guides & Knowledge Bases
Finding a single instruction manual or how to guide on a shared company drive when you really need it is like finding a needle in a haystack. Once Botable learns all of your instruction manuals, how to guides, and knowledge bases, your co-workers will receive instant and accurate answers to their pressing questions.
Botable Learning

For all kinds of departments

No matter which department of the company you call home, you will be able to focus on high level tasks while Botable answers your co-worker's questions.

The compliance department's job is never ending and there are not enough hours in the day to keep track of changes in regulations, manage reporting processes, and ensure that all employees are educated on compliance policies. Adding Botable to your compliance program can help by providing your co-workers with instant answers to their policy questions, freeing up time for the compliance department to focus on high level tasks.
Information Technology
Botable is particularly useful for the information technology department because it can help to reduce the amount of time spent answering simple questions from co-workers based on information in manuals, how to guides and knowledge bases. In addition, Botable's integration with ticketing systems such as ServiceNow can help to improve the efficiency of the department as a whole by streamlining processes.
Human Resources
From onboarding to answering routine questions, the human resources department will find workloads drastically reduced by Botable. The bots can instantly answer questions about employee handbooks, guides, and policies, and they can also be integrated with workforce management software like Workday.
Quality Assurance
Complying with the quality and regulatory programs has never been easier. Botable's integrations with quality management systems like Arena and MasterControl keep the bot up to date so co-workers can get instant answers to their SOP, FRM, and WRK related questions. This helps to free up time for the quality assurance team so that they can focus on high level tasks.
The privacy department is responsible for safeguarding an organization's data. This includes developing policies and procedures to protect sensitive information, monitoring compliance with data regulations, and investigating potential data breaches. Botable can help by providing your co-workers with a quick and easy way to find answers to their privacy questions, so they can stay compliant with company policies.
The operations department is responsible for ensuring that all processes are running smoothly and efficiently. Botable can help by providing your co-workers with answers to their questions about procedures, checklists, and manuals. In addition, Botable's integrations with process and learning management software can help to improve the efficiency of the company as a whole.
Sales and Marketing
The sales and marketing teams are always looking for ways to improve their efficiency and Botable can help. The bots can be used to answer questions about product information, pricing, and availability. In addition, Botable's integration with customer relationship management software like Salesforce can help to streamline processes and improve the team's overall performance.
Botable Learning

For everyone in the company

No matter which title you hold, everyone loves Botable!

Director of Quality
100 - 249 Employees
"Finally, the workday is mine! I can log on to Slack or walk into the office and not feel like I'm about to get bombarded with questions. That's Botable's job now."
Chief Compliance Officer
1000 - 2499 Employees
"I've been in corporate compliance my entire career. Before Botable our KPIs were based on the number of trainings, security incidents, and breaches. With Botable, we can gain immediate and actionable insights from our employee's interactions with the bots."
Senior Director of IT Operations
1000 - 2499 employees
"Botable's integration with ServiceNow is seamless and our employees can easily create ServiceNow tickets right in the bot."
Associate General Counsel
1000 - 2499 employees
"Botable is able to search across all of our document repositories to find exactly what I'm looking for."
Senior Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and Quality
100 - 249 employees
"Sometimes I ask my bot questions just so I get the 'excellent' response."
Vice President of Quality
500 - 999 employees
"Game changer."

For all kinds of team communication channels

No matter which team communication channel your company uses (select list), you can seamlessly add Botable within your existing channel.

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For all kinds of integration needs

No matter which enterprise tools your company uses (select list), you can push and pull data with Botable.