Case Study

Galvanize Therapeutics

Galvanize Therapeutics is a leader in energy-based medical device technology that impacts biologic processes. With its innovative Aliya platform, the company is initially focused on chronic bronchitis, cardiac arrhythmias, oncology, and drug delivery.

Since implementing Botable, Galvanize Therapeutics employees have asked their Botable bot nearly 3,000 questions, increasing productivity and saving at least one full-time headcount.

Hear from Deborah Sheffield, SVP Regulatory & Quality Affairs at Galvanize Therapeutics.
Galvanize therapeutics Employees interact with their botable bot within slack.
Regulatory & Quality Affairs
Botable was implemented by the galvanize therapeutics Regulatory & quality affairs department.
Arena Solutions
THe botable bot pulls Documents and information from Arena Solutions, Galvanize Therapeutics' QMS and PLm.
Deborah Sheffield
SVP Regulatory & Quality Affairs, Galvanize Therapeutics
"We’re in a regulated industry so regulatory compliance is super important and we need to make sure people are always following the procedures. Botable makes it easy for them to do that."
255 Documents
Galvanize THerapeutics' botable bot has been trained to answer questions based on 255 Standard operating Procedures, Work INstructions, and Forms.
3,000 Questions
Galvanize THerapeutics' botable bot has answered nearly 3,000 question.
One Full-Time Headcount
Galvanize Therapeutics has saved at least one full-time headcount as a result of implementing Botable.
Deborah Sheffield
SVP Regulatory & Quality Affairs, Galvanize Therapeutics
"We’ve had around 3,000 questions that have been posed to Botable since we’ve started.  What that does is it enables people not to have to spend time going out there [to Arena Solutions] to search for the information. They simply ask a question to Botable and up pops the answer within a second. So it’s made their job a lot easier and also ensures that they have the right revision, the current revision, at the time and are using the procedures that are in place."